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Voyages offers programs sourced and researched from Japanese consultants, UCLA instructors and family engagement since 2015.

Voyages’ Mar Vista schoolhouse is a Reggio and RIE inspired, social constructivist preschool dedicated to strengthening families and deepening community bonds through a love of learning.

Meet the Team

Voyages Preschool is a Reggio inspired and social constructivist preschool dedicated to families, community, and social and emotional growth for children from 2-5 years old. Established in 2015, Voyages Preschool was created to meet the growing need for quality education that views children as capable and filled with their own cultures, ready to explore. We follow the latest in brain development to bring meaningful experiences full of wonder to our community. We believe the voyage of discovery is an ever-evolving experience that embraces a love of learning, a passion for different points of view, and an adventure for all citizens of our learning community: children, teachers, and families.

Paola Cervantes

Executive Director

Kristin Sherman


David Garcia


Lala Roldan



  • “Voyages community has been our steadfast partner in these early years of parenting. Because of her Voyages experience, our 5-year-old daughter is starting Kindergarten next year with all the skills we hoped for her. She is confident, curious, and able to solve problems with her peers. Best of all, at Voyages she is a known individual, not just another 5-year-old. Her natural strengths have been cultivated and her particular challenges addressed with care.“

    Angela Arnold
  • “Voyages is everything we hoped it would be and more. It has a loving, supportive and enriching environment in which our son has thrived. The teaching staff is incredible and has been instrumental in our son’s growth and happiness. Voyages is truly a special place.”

    Kate Balabat
  • “As our daughter Deià embarked on her journey to learn, Paola and the rest of the team at Voyages have provided a keen understanding, allowing Deià to realize her full potential all while making her feel safe, curious and excited.” 

    Gerard Cantor
  • “What a special introduction to Voyages and to the Reggio and RIE philosophies!  Ida and I are so looking forward to tomorrow.  I’m thinking about the idea of “making space.”  Sitting in the infant room, I felt held in a space that allowed me to revisit and reframe my ideas I have in regards to mothering/parenting.  I’ve read Janet Lansbury’s (RIE) blog and have listened to friends talk about Reggio — and I agree full heartedly with what is relayed.  I know it to be true (for me and for my daughter at least).  Being in the space that was so expertly…. allowed those ideas room to blossom into action (or non-action).  Our whole week was effected.  It has been such a gift.”

    Angeline Shiley

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Mar Vista, California 90066

Phone: +1-310-915-1691