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Printable: Unique Custom Ornament

27 November, 2020

This is an important year to reflect on the immeasurable events that have formed a new normal for our families.

While most of it is truly immeasurable, it is important to take note of what we can measure. 

Use this printable to create a new tradition on Black Friday, one that you can do together.

Print out the attached printable and have your child decorate it for them. This is an opportunity to work on letter recognition as they write their name, color recognition as they customize their ornament and fine motor skills. Applying multi-media decorations is a great use of their fine motor skills, find a magazine and have them cut out the letters to create today’s date, for example. 

Once you measure them with a ribbon, have them cut the measured mark. Use a hole punch to create a hole for them to thread the ribbon through, and you can complete the task with a decorative tie of the ribbon. 

This is a wonderful annual tradition to do together, and next year you can pull out the ornament and compare it to the growth your child has experienced in a year while you create the next ornament.

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